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If you’re a website owner or even someone who’s spend some time on the internet, you’ve probably heard of SEO, or search-engine optimization. However, SEO is a complicated thing to understand and even if you do, you may not be familiar with want it actually encompasses. Any website owner knows that SEO is the most important and rudimentary part of managing a business on the internet. It’s a marketing scheme that revolves around a hierarchy. SEO can be confusing to understand and implement. However, we will explain search- engine optimization (SEO) as much as possible in this article! What is it? What does it require? How can you start? We will accentuate on all the details – the advantages and disadvantages, and its impact on your website or business.


SEO, or search-engine optimization, is one of the indispensable aspects of administering a
website. It is the method of obtaining traffic on a website from the search results on
common search-engines. SEO is commonly based on the principles of using keywords to
rank your content online and make it stand-out amidst the competition.


While SEO is considered the most noteworthy aspect of maintaining and growing a website
on the internet, there are some downsides to it as well. It’s the same with any other website
managing scheme; there are some benefits and drawbacks.


SEO helps you attract the correct audience

SEO helps you attract the correct audience to your website or business. Unlike
conventional marketing, which relies on you going to the consumers and convincing
them, SEO brings the consumers to you. Not to mention, outbound marketing
campaigns, such as spam e-mails, adverts and cold-calling, are straight-up annoying
and interruptive. Often, consumers don't appreciate bothersome adverts and spam
e-mails. SEO, on the other hand, create resources for the consumers by promoting
your business to them only when they want it. It revolves around a hierarchy, which
means that when someone searches for something in your niche, your website or
product will more likely be recommended to them if it comes under the search-
engines SEO criteria. This attracts a new audience and prospective customers/clients
to your website or business.

SEO is much more beneficial

SEO is much more beneficial and cost-effective than pay-per-click (PPC) adverts. While PPC adverts always appear first in ranking on search-engines, such as Google, 71.33% of the searches that appear because of SEO or organic ranking schemes result in a click from the audience (source). This is more of a psychological outcome of SEO; a consumer is more likely to click on a website that was recommended to them by the search-engines algorithm than a forced advertisement.

You don't have to pay anything for adverts

You don’t have to pay anything for adverts or promotional content in SEO. Google’s
organic ranking system is based on an algorithm that decides whether a website is
relevant enough to be recommended to a person or not. This means that if you’ve
established a website that is appropriate for the audience, it will continue to attract
traffic for months or (even years) to come. Obviously, an initial investment is
involved in SEO. You can either learn everything about SEO yourself and become
proficient enough to incorporate it into your website or business, or you can pay
someone to do it for you. Either way, it’s an effective method to direct traffic onto
your website without having to pay a premium in the long-run.

SEO helps build PR for your website

SEO helps build PR for your website or business, and while this is a separate strategy to attract an audience, you can use both of these together for the utmost results. The biggest relation between SEO and PR is in link building (explained below). Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO. Link building is similar to PR, as it revolves around other websites in your niche suggesting your business to their audience. This creates many opportunities for your business to grow and brings a new audience to your website, as a result.

Since SEO is based on a hierarchy

Since SEO is based on a hierarchy structure, you can move ahead of the competition by incorporating effective SEO schemes. Search-engines’ rankings are based almost entirely on SEO. As a result, websites that incorporate SEO better than their competitors continue to remain on top. However, that position can always be taken by another website that uses better SEO schemes. This allows even small websites and businesses to promote their brand and remain on top.


Even minor changes to your website

Even minor changes to your website can impact where it stands in terms of search- engine rankings. Even changing one word, say, “car” can promote your website to the top or demote it to the bottom of the search engine’s rankings.

SEO is a slow method of marketing

SEO is a slow method of marketing and promoting your website. It is not a fast-paced
scheme! You may not even notice results for months even if you use the most
effective means.


SEO is always changing and link building has never been more important for your website than now. If you’re going to compete against other websites and prosper online, it is necessary to impose premium-quality links, which can get your website going in the correct direction. There are many things that go into link building, which is why you need people that are proficient. We are those people!


Link building is the method of procuring hyperlinks to your website from other websites. Links are a fundamental part of SEO, as search-engines use them to navigate on the internet. While there are many approaches to link building, it is still one of the most demanding features in SEO. For that reason, using this can set your website apart from the rest.


Links are one of the elements that search-engines use to conclude ranking for websites. Hence, increasing the amount of premium-quality links will rank your website better, attracting a wider audience to your website. However, there are a few other benefits of link building that are worth deliberation!


Often than not, link building includes reaching out to other websites and blogs in a similar niche. While the purpose of this communication is to procure a link, it can mean more than that. By communicating with other bloggers, you can establish a relationship that will make your website a more dependable and reliable source. By promoting your content, you’re also gathering supporters for your website. Obviously, this is important!


Premium-quality link building can increase the integrity of your brand and make your website more radiant in the relevant niche. Ways, such as content creation, can go a long way in promoting your brand towards an audience. Whenever a content is posted on your website, it has a chance of becoming notable in the respective niche. Hence, when links a posted onto the content on your website, you’re basically reaching out to other people in the same niche and promoting your content to them. It establishes a community of creators that aid each other in expanding their websites.

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SEO is irrefutably the most important aspect of managing and growing a website or business on the internet. However, it's confusing and can take months (or even years) to be proficient at. But, we can help you! Our team of SEO connoisseurs are here to assist you in taking your website to new summits and staying ahead of the competition. At Niche Filters, we understand how much your brand means to you and we can help you reach an audience of millions, to engage and sell more. We do everything with precision to assure you of the finest outcome!